Fresh Start

Well, blogging went by the wayside this summer, didn’t it? That’s okay. My book’s not ready for release yet, and I need to put a theme on this website that reflects the books I write. Also, that author photo? Yuck! Time to update my face too, it seems… So I decided to get rid of all those oh-I’m-so-busy bland posts (all 5 of them for this year!) and start again. All fresh, all new, all shiny. And this time I promise to post photos, too!

So what’s new, apart from the fact this website looks terrible and needs an overhaul? I am still a very busy mum. After her first week at a public primary school nursery, our family has realised that the best form of education is really home education. The reason why we’re homeschooling is really a story for another day, but when a school goes from OFSTED Excellent to Inadequate in the course of a year, a parent knows when to step in and yank their child out.

We’re not officially homeschooling yet until Monday, but there’s still plenty to do with a rambunctious 3.5 year old in the house, a bucket load of novel reseach to do, and website to redesign. Not to mention everything else that goes on around here. So here’s to a short post to let you know that we survived the summer, and that this blog is undergoing its final overhaul of the decade. The results, be they good or bad, will be up soon (as will the general unveiling of what my next book will be about!).